Basket Bags Casamadre

Accessori in tessuto tecnico e pelle che rivisitano un cult degli anni ’90, in due misure e diverse interpretazioni cromatiche. 

Scelta di materiali sostenibili. 

Timeless gears for future.



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Casamadre Potions

Like magical potions, these accessories are meant for the purpose to bring joy to the person wearing them. Crystals have several special properties. The capability to amplify the light getting through, is just one of them, allowing you to appear even more shiny. Following a specific chromatic harmony matching with all the different aspects, every single piece is handmade by using shiny Swarovski® crystals and brass accessories

with gold finishing. They all come together with an exclusive little bottle with a paper label which can be customized, preferably written by hand, since the ritual of a gift , whether it is for yourself or your loved ones, it is integral part of the magic. We are sure that your jewellery will bring you joy.

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