Born from the two designers Alessia Crea and David Parisi, Casamadre is an Italian brand thought to create something with a strong identity, and in order to evokes a sense of belonging. Hence, the choice of this name. Two words that make you feel at ease, transporting you to a sound and rooted dimension. This project won the “Who is on next” competition in 2013, in the accessories category with man s and woman s footwear collection, inspired by the ancient circus and arriving to the most fashionable stores, through international show-rooms in Milan and Paris. After that, in order to communicate and share the brand s evolution, many events and presentations were held in Milan and Florence. It was 2015 when Casamadre made its own debut at “Pitti”, in Florence, as “Pitti Italics” walking down the catwalk with the total look for man and woman; sartorial garments inspired by gipsy arrived from the sea. Constantly updated, the Casamadre tailored clothing collection is realized by the well known “Fratelli Cerruti” woollen mill and sold to the public with the “made to order” formula. These exclusive tailored garments, are special as the people wearing them, offering a unique final result. Since the appreciation achieved by the Casamadre project, the designers Alessia Crea and David Parisi, started a valuable collaboration with several companies and important brands in the fashion scene, as style consultants, by deepening every aspect of man and woman total look.  The sound experience gained in such a context, allows our brand to explore several creative possibilities, having a broad and contemporary vision and perspective. Alessia and David, both from Calabria, southern Italy, live in Milan and are a couple not just in business but even in everyday life. The Casamadre activity reflects a strong identity and an authentic project which changes and evolves in a natural way.

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The permanent collection Casamadre, is the outcome of Casamadre creativity, merged with suppliers’ expertise, thanks to which we added more value to our refined creations. This relationship, ensures that all the steps in the supply chain are respected, favouring a more ethical approach to this system, which reflects the progress of the brand and the contemporary moment. In fact, independently of fixed dates and seasons, the product is presented through the “Drop Sell” system. All the selected products, aren t just the outcome of standardized ideas, but the consequence of designers’ feeling for a particular item, at a specific time, along with the people who collaborate to realize it. Because every single item is particularly precious, they are displayed individually, simply in order to allow them to have the right space, time and attention.


Following, you can find some pics of Casamadre world.